Why Us?

SSC Security Pty Ltd, trading as Sun Security Corp maintains the vision to provide a professional and outstanding level of service to its clients. Through an amalgamation of companies Sun Security Corp continues to build its reputation based on a commitment to clients and staff through exceptional partnerships.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide clients with a cost effective, flexible and a logistic solution to meet their professional security requirements. We act collectively on their behalf whilst maintaining discrete operational and service functions for each client. We aim to work alongside our clients to develop long standing, mutually beneficial partnerships.

Sun Security Corp offers a wide range of security services that are all encompassing providing our clients with Total Security Solutions:

  • Crowd Control
  • Event Security
  • Static Security Services
  • Corporate Events
  • Close Personal Protection
  • Cash Escorts
  • Mobile Patrol
  • WH & S Assessments
  • Installation Services
  • Loss Prevention
  • RSA Marshals

Sun Security Corp is a Sydney based company servicing the greater Sydney region and beyond by way of providing ground level solutions to your security concerns. The team at Sun Security Corp understand that your security requirements are three phase, in that your business requires the ultimate goal of objective safety from potential threat, the subjectivity of feeling safe and the guarantee thereof.

The management team at Sun Security Corp stem from a diverse array of disciplines and backgrounds. With thorough knowledge in law, hospitality, business management, security risk management, criminology, policy analysis, communications technology, customer service, conflict resolution and military. This expertise, coupled with more than 40 years ground level security experience between the team has formed the successful foundation in which Sun Security Corp operates today.

All personnel employed with Sun Security Corp have undergone nationally recognised and accredited training. Our personnel regularly undergo additional in house training to complement their security knowledge in courses such as customer service, management and leadership, conflict resolution and negotiation, work health and safety, as well as a variety of other courses that aid in their on the job performance and career development.

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