Corporate Events

Sun Security Corp has the right personnel for any corporate event. Our highly specialised and qualified team understand and have the capability, professionalism and skills to assimilate and provide an exceptional level of service and protection to your team, clients and premises.

Our corporate event services are both comprehensive and professional. Any corporate function you require services for, whether a one off gala, black tie events or similar functions of that nature, Sun Security Corp can devise a specific plan and provide the right personnel to meet your unique requirements.

Sun Security Corp will work closely with you to determine what your specific requirements may be and execute a security plan for your entire corporate event and/or function.

Services include but not limited to:

  • Event Security Management
  • VIP drivers and vehicles
  • Security Personnel
  • Hosts and Concierge Persons

Crowd Control

Our thorough risk assessment and expert planning will make your licensed venues a safe and enjoyable premise for your staff and patrons alike.

We pride ourselves on our expertise, coordination capability, experienced guards and our relationships with authorities and relevant parties, ensuring the best outcome for our clients and a safe and enjoyable atmosphere. Our managers set the standard that always aims to exceed client expectations. These standards are then met, adopted and practiced at all times on every premise serviced.

Benefits of using Sun Crowd Controllers:

  • The use of our crowd controllers at your venue provides a professional first and last point of contact for your patrons. Sun Security Corp can provide a customer service focused crowd control team to suit your venue, ultimately having a positive impact on maintaining a happy environment and return patronage.
  • With the vital interaction with management of each venue and subject to individual requirements, the use of Sun Security Corp crowd controllers can work in conjunction with your staff to encourage sensible admission practices, monitor problem areas, enforce responsible service of alcohol and constantly supervise patrons, ultimately promoting the well being of staff and patrons.
  • In accordance with current state legislation, the presence of Sun Security Corp crowd controllers at your venue will prevent the unauthorised access of minors and the safe removal of undesirable patrons in order to create the optimum environment for your patrons.

Event Security

Sun Security Corp applies the most professional and proactive approach for any events its involved with. Sun Security Corp has the ability to organise and assist with event planning, licensing conditions as well as actively being involved in all facets of pre-planning associated with your event.

Sun Security Corp offers the following for your event:

  • Full time appointed security manager
  • Emergency security procedures and evacuation plans
  • Detailed security operating procedures
  • All equipment and communications systems.

Sun Security Corp is your complete event security provider.

Static Security Guarding

Our static security officers are fully trained and qualified under the relevant legislative frameworks. All management and personnel have extensive backgrounds and experience in dealing with the following types of sites:

  • Commercial and residential buildings
  • Retail stores
  • Industrial complexes and factories
  • Construction sites
  • Car dealerships
  • Government departments
  • Financial institutions

Wherever it is you require static security services, Sun Security Corp are able to meet your specific needs.

We understand that no two static sites of the same nature are identical and every location requires its own unique risk and work health and safety assessment. Regardless of the size of the site and nature, every new static site receives a complimentary risk assessment, which in turn forms the basis for the daily security site operating procedures used by our personnel whilst on shift.

Loss Prevention

All Sun Security Corp officers who are placed in the retail environment are equipped with the adequate knowledge to do so. Sun Security Corp understands that every retail company, regardless of their specific industry is susceptible to shrinkage and other criminal activity.

Although Sun Security Corp have a wide range of policies and procedures in place as to how their security officers conduct retail security and loss prevention, Sun Security Corp is also sensitive to the fact that each retail outlet has its own policies and site operating procedures unique to them, which are upheld first and foremost. Sun Security Corp is conscious to the fact that any of their policies and procedures may be amended or deleted in order to suit the specific needs of the client within their retail environment

Benefits of Sun Security Corp loss prevention officers include, but are not limited to:

  • Immediate and professional deterrent to potential thieves
  • The ability to assist your staff during busy periods of trade
  • Being a professional first and last point of contact for your customers