Loss Prevention

All Sun Security Corp employees who are placed in the Retail Environment are equipped with the adequate knowledge to do so. Sun Security Corp understands that every retail company, regardless of their specific industry is susceptible to a wide array of crime and loss problems.

Although Sun Security Corp have a wide range of policies and procedures in place as to how their employees conduct retail security and loss prevention, Sun Security Corp is also sensitive to the fact that each retail outlet has its own policies and site operating procedures unique to them, which are upheld first and foremost. Sun Security Corp is conscious to the fact that any of their policies and procedures may be amended or deleted in order to suit the specific needs of the client within their retail environment.

Benefits of Loss Prevention Security

  • Immediate deterrent to potential thieves
  • Will assist with customers if your staff are busy
  • Is the first and last person your staff and customers will see


We at Sun Security Corp will provide the most suited loss prevention guards for your site.

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