Risk Management

Risk identification and Management can either be defined by security providers as a service that they can assist in or one they can specialise and make a difference to the safety their clients organisation. At Sun Security Corp we provide the latter in that our unique methods of conducting detailed risk assessments provide our clients the surety of reduced risk on an ongoing basis.

Through an intricate process of identifying and assessing a clients assets, assessing their threats and the potential risks which stem from such threats the initial identification phase will be achieved. From this our risk assessment team is able to advise on your various security needs and to monitor and review the dealings of your work environment in order for you to maintain and manage a safe workplace in the future.

Risk assessments and risk management plans conducted by Sun Security Corp can be tailored to suit the specific needs of the client. Risk assessments can entail emergency preparedness and evacuation plans, vulnerability and threat assessments, strategic security management as well as fraud control planning.

Where our risk assessments differ from those of others is that Sun Security Corp employs a unique method which has been trialled, tested and proven to ensure a greater level of future safety to our clients and their workplace. Our methods of assessment draw heavily upon various social research methods both of the qualitative and quantitative nature, as well as employing statistical data analysis to determine when your organisation is most at risk.

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