When clients ask, what makes Sun Security Corp different to other security providers, we are proud to say that the following, amongst a multitude of other factors set us apart from the rest:


  • Why should Sun Security Corp be your optimum choice in security deliverance? Sun Security Corp have built a reputation of maintaining long term relationships with our clients, many in excess of 5 and 10 years, highlighting that our partnerships are long term, always acting in the best interests of our clients and in the highest regard for that particular site.
  • We have a strong company structure which stems from the Managing Director, General Manger, Business Development Manager, Operations Manager, Area Manager and a number of office staff. This structure has enabled Sun Security Corp to ensure that every facet of our security operations is met, exceeded and maintained. Every manager of our highly skilled management team is contactable 24 hours a day every day of the year.
  • Our clients are always our first priority as we strive to allow all current and prospective clients to be proud of dealing with a company who maintains annual trading licenses, insurances, memberships and ensures that all their employees are paid according to the industry standard.
  • Our goals are to provide the most professional security personnel to all clients with a cost effective and logistic solution in order to exceed each client’s security needs and expectations.
  • When dealing with Sun Security Corp we ensure you that all your requirements are not just agreed to, but effectively put into practice immediately upon request. In perspective to all sites, we guarantee and implement highly skilled site supervisors who are strategically placed at each site and fully inducted to understand the unique requirements of that site.
  • Sun Security Corp differs from its competition by providing that extra service that no other company has time for. We conduct random patrols on a nightly basis by our operations and area managers, who are in place to monitor the performance of guards in a discrete fashion, and if necessary, amend any issues which may arise immediately, allowing us to maintain that professional edge over our competition.
  • Individualised website login for each of our clients allowing them to access necessary company information at the click of a button. Having access to both company and guard information our clients can find themselves accessing vital information at their convenience.
  • Implementing and introducing service agreements for all new clients giving them complete satisfaction and total guarantee for the service provided. If our clients are not satisfied with the service provided, they will not be charged for that specific shift.
  • The introduction of interactive security site operating procedures (SOP’s) are available to all clients and guards on our website. These site operating procedures can be updated at any stage by our clients and can be accessed by our guards before they begin a shift at a particular site.
  • The introduction of the staff tracker system which allows us to keep a complete record of every aspect of our personnel from when their qualifications expire, their availabilities, how long they have been employed with us, as well as a variety of other performance monitors.
  • Why trust us to be your security provider? This is one question that warrants the same answer from every company. However, here at Sun Security Corp your trust is embraced and our service is guaranteed. We can honestly say that we pride ourselves on our service and guarantee what we say.